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Joy Dunning, LMT


Joy is a keen listener who understands the importance of using massage to help ease tension and pain in the body. Her intuitive touch, coupled with her compassion for clients, make her massages uniquely therapeutic and invigorating.Joy believes that all of the bodywork she practices is a pathway to peace and self-understanding. When we are physically healthy and embodied, we live life more fully.

Joy’s clients often say that they feel like the most important person in the world when they receive her treatments, as she is always present and attentive to their needs. Joy respects and relishes each opportunity to work, as she finds her time with clients deeply rewarding and learns more about the fabric of humanity each day.

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Erin Hardy, LMT


After Erin graduated from massage school with honors in 2011, she began her career working at a sports rehab and chiropractic clinic in Seattle. This experience set a therapeutic direction and passion in motion. Erin is dedicated to helping clients feel the best they can in their bodies. She knows when we are comfortable in our bodies – free from pain, tension, stress and limitation – we can perform our best in life.

Erin’s appreciation of massage and yoga led her to specializing in Thai Massage. She is certified in the Northern Style of Traditional Thai Massage and travels to Thailand often to enhance her skills and spirit.

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Irina Borshevskaya, LMT


Irina Borshevskaya began doing massage therapy in 1996 in Moscow, Russia. After moving to the United States, she began to hone her skills, specializing in deep tissue, lymphatic work, myofascial and post-surgical scar tissue relief work under the influence of such teachers as Marty Ryan, Kate Bromley, Jack Blackburn and Kelly Clancy. She continues to learn new techniques and her devoted clients are many who enjoy the versatility and individual focus her massages provide. Irina goes into each massage with these goals: pain relief, relaxation, peace and body awareness.

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tel: 206 930

Greg Litvinov, LMT


After a work-related injury left Greg with months-long chronic back pain, he decided to pursue massage therapy to help others manage the pains and stresses from their own lives. An Ashmead graduate, Greg has honed his skillset for over ten years, providing a combination of Russian and Eastern methodology that is tailored to fit each client’s personal needs. Greg excels in deep tissue and active isolated stretching technique, and offers cupping, bamboo, honey, and hot stone therapy to supplement the massage. He can also provide neuromuscular treatments, visceral technique, and anti-cellulite massage. Greg’s diverse clientele express great satisfaction in his ability to advance their healing and mind-body connections through massage.

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tel: 425 280 7967 |

Reya Born, LEAMP, MAcOM


Reya helps health conscious people with their medical concerns, issues, and symptoms. Her ability to “hear” what is going on for you both personally and physically, allows for comprehensive healing. This is a medicine that meets you where you are and treats you accordingly. What Reya offers is an opportunity for your body to find respite and receive the medicine it needs to heal on a very deep and sustainable level. Both your symptoms and the underlying cause of your symptoms are addressed. Reya is passionate about offering you a medicine that pays specific attention to you so that your complexity and brilliance is heard, nourished, and healed.

Reya has practiced medicine in Seattle for over 15 years. She holds a master’s degree in acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, and is a nationally certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She treats pain and discomfort and well as all internal medical issues: Digestion, allergies, gynecology, emotions, sleep, urinary, cold and flu, immunity, headaches, food sensitivities, hypertension, anxiety, menopause, depression, etc. The medicine also keeps you healthy and supports longevity.

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Karuna May, B.S, CHHP


The purpose of Karuna’s work is to re-connect her clients to their intuitive capacity to heal, thrive and evolve. Through synthesizing 15 years of study in health psychology, nutrition, anatomy/physiology, bodywork, yogic philosophy and sacred ritual she gently guides you through a process of untangling old, unhelpful habits to create meaningful rituals that cultivate health. Habits are created over time and are driven by the unconscious search for predictability and comfort. We repeat the patterns that we know, even if they aren’t good for us. These patterns show up in our body, the way we treat and think about ourselves and the way we interact with the world. Shifting to new choices and habits means bringing conscious awareness and repeated meaningful rituals to our behavior to create new neuro-pathways in our brain…and a new way of being. When we change our patterns we change our mind, when we change our mind we change our life.

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