Joy Dunning, Founder

Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and American father, Joy’s practice has grown out of a lifelong journey to understand the holistic nature of our being. The only daughter of a daughter in her family (a sacred gift in Thailand), Joy was given the Thai name Sirin (meaning “golden”). Her grandmother, a quiet woman with healing energy, also gifted her the English name Joy (meaning “little one”).

Joy honored the duality of her lineage as she traveled to Seattle for high school. Following her graduation from college, Joy returned to northern Thailand and began learning massage from Thai masters Asokananda (Harald Brust), Lek Chaiya and Chaiyuth Priyasith. Their traditional teachings laid the foundation of Joy’s profession and, in 2003, she returned to Seattle to attend the Brian Utting School of Massage. There Joy began integrating Western modality into ancient Thai Massage, in turn discovering her signature style and paving the path to the specialized work she practices today.

Over the course of her 15-year career, Joy has evolved into a seasoned and intuitive practitioner who blends specific, intentional treatment with a deeply nourishing style. She works with a diverse range of elite clientele, including the Seattle Seahawks who look to her expertise season after season. With each massage, Joy sees an opportunity to heal the body as a means of freeing the spirit.

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